Follow along on our year-long guide to HIV, which thanks to innovative research and treatment advances has evolved from a death sentence to a treatable chronic condition. Each monthly installment of the Medical Journey will delve into another aspect of the disease, including risk factors and prevention; screening; early signs and symptoms; the intricacies of treatment; the importance of viral load; options for PrEP, pre-exposure prophylaxis; promising research; coping strategies for living with HIV; comorbid conditions; HIV in certain groups, such as pregnant women and children; and lessons learned from unique case studies -- all of which have undergone expert review. Every installment will also include a separate, downloadable, printable information resource for patients.


The Evolution of HIV: From Death Sentence to Chronic Condition

–Defining the diagnosis and the demographics of those most at risk of contracting the virus

Antiretroviral Therapy for HIV: When Less May Be More

–Three-drug regimens still the standard, but two-drug and injectable regimens give more options

Case Study: Managing Upper Urinary Tract Kidney Stones in HIV+ Patients

–First reported lithotripsy with single-use digital flexible ureteroscope in two HIV patients

All About PrEP: Pills, Shots, and Stigma

–Why the number of patients who need PrEP seems directly inverse to the number who get it

Management of Treatment-Experienced People With HIV

–To start with, test for drug resistance and adjust ART regimens accordingly